Endeavour is Historic!

We always realised that, but now she has been officially recognised as such. The National Historic Ships UK is a body set up by the government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport to maintain a register of ships that meet a rigorous check that they demonstrate a particular type of craft or have other historic connections.

A letter from them on January 15th stated that "Endeavour is a vessel that merits inclusion in the register" and wishes us every success.

The defaced red ensign
There is no financial assistance available, but we are on a list available to film or TV companies that may need to hire authentic vessels. We are able to fly a special defaced* red ensign to signify our status. Two other local craft on the list are the barge Tollesbury and the paddle steamer Medway Queen

* Defacement is a term used in heraldry and vexillology to refer to the addition of a symbol or charge to another flag

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