Why I've Joined - Walter Waye

A few months back I visited Leigh with my wife and family and after lunch in the Boatyard restaurant ventured in to the Heritage Centre and noticed copies of the Endeavour newsletter.

I was born in Leigh in 1931 and lived in a bungalow in Station Road and spent my early school days at Leigh North Street. I must have been a 'good boy' because I well remember the headmaster giving me sixpence (2 1/2p) for running an errand for him.

I left Leigh when I was 8 years old and now live in Chelmsford. I return with my family to revisit my roots as often as I can.Having read the newsletter I contacted Peter Dolby and arranged to meet him the next time we were in Leigh. Unfortunately I could not go on board Endeavour as she is too difficult for me to access on her mooring. 

Walter has very kindly donated to the Trust a copy of Joshua Levine’s book, Forgotten Voices Dunkirk and an original copy of the Daily Express printed Friday, 31st May, 1940, the front page of which reported on the Dunkirk evacuation.Peter suggested that I came back for the Fishing Festival at which I was delighted to be able to go on board where she was moored off Bell Wharf.

My brother was in the Royal Engineers during World War II and was rescued from Dunkirk. Like so many others he didn't tell his full story but I recall that he said that he was in a line of many soldiers in the sea off the beaches waiting for the 'little ships' to come in. He was regularly under machine gun fire and many of his colleagues were lost.

I am delighted that I came across the newsletter that day and am able to support the Trust as an old Leigh boy and in memory of my brother.

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