If you would like to make a donation of any value to the Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust, you can now do so via the dedicated 'Donate' button on our website below (as well as by cheque - see the section on making a donation without a PayPal account for more information).

The Trust is registered charity no: 1094473.

Make a donation

How will my donation be used by the Trust?

All money that is received by the Trust will be used to maintain Endeavour and ensure she is used for  community and educational purposes.

Why has the Trust decided to start taking donations via PayPal? 

We know from the statistics on our website and Facebook page that we attract interest and attention from all over the world, but not everyone wishes to become a member of the Trust. Some people would prefer to make a one-off or occasional online donation when it is convenient to them. Using PayPal allows the Trust to accept vital funds from individuals that might not otherwise support us.

Can I make a donation without having a PayPal account? 

Yes you can! You can still pay or donate by debit or credit card or you can choose to sign up for a PayPal account if you prefer. It makes no difference to the Trust which payment method you prefer to use.

And, of course, you can always donate by sending a cheque to our Treasurer, Rob Everitt at the following address: The Treasurer, Leigh-on-Sea, Endeavour Trust, 9 Woodside, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 4QX

Is there a cost to the Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust receiving a payment via PayPal? 

Yes, there is a small charge of 1.4% + 20p per transaction (fee correct as of Jan 2020). The table below sets out what this means for some sample donation amounts:

You Donate PayPal Charges We Get
£ 1.00 £ 0.21 £ 0.79
£ 5.00 £ 0.27 £ 4.73
£ 10.00 £ 0.34 £ 9.66
£ 25.00 £ 0.55 £ 24.45
£ 50.00 £ 0.90 £ 49.10
£ 75.00 £ 1.25 £ 73.75
£ 100.00 £ 1.60 £ 98.40

As you can see, even for small donations, the Trust receives the majority of the money, and if you're able to donate ten pounds or more, the charge is very minor compared to what we receive.

Can I Gift Aid my donation? 

Yes. With PayPal, donors opt into Gift Aid by simply ticking a box. This declaration is then automatically applied to all future donations to the same charity.

Are my transactions secure?

PayPal is certified by Visa® and MasterCard® and complies with the highest security standards including PCI-DSS (which stands for "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard" and is a certification that a payment system meets the payment card industry's tough standards for protecting card transactions). All transactions are encrypted from end-to-end, meaning that interception of the payment as you make it is as good as impossible.

For more information about PayPal's compliance, please visit and

All personal personal is processed in line with the Trust's Privacy Notice, which sets out how the Trust uses personal data and informs you how about your rights. The Privacy Notice can be accessed here.