August/September Trips

Members of Old Leigh Kayak Tours joined Endeavour for a trip to the Pier

Please find below the latest info re: trips over the rest of August and into September.

With all of these trips, we've given dedicated links to register your interest (it'll pre-populate the email subject line when you click Chris and Rob's names). We really hope that members will take advantage of the opportunity to take a trip on Endeavour as it's a great time out and also gives you a proper sense of what she would have been like as a working boat or during the Dunkirk rescue.

When the folks from Old Leigh Kayak Tours joined Endeavour for trip from Bell Wharf out to the Pier and back, this is what they had to say about their day:

"What a fantastic experience. I’ve always wanted to take a trip on Endeavour. Such a beautiful little ship with a wonderful history. Rob, Chris and the boys treated us so well. We will definitely be back for another.

"If you’re not a member, join up and take a trip, it’s awesome!"

St Kats and the Veterans' Cruise

Well, we haven't had much luck in getting Endeavour off her mooring recently! Last week's Bank of England cruise had to be cancelled due to one key crew member hurting his back (not on Endeavour!) and yesterday's outing was cancelled because of the grotty weather.