Endeavour on TV


Endeavour, vets and film crew at Penton Lock last summer

Channel 5 is currently airing a three-part series about Dunkirk on Saturdays at 21:30, and Endeavour will feature in the as-yet unbroadcast episodes.

Dunkirk: Mission Impossible is presented by former Marine JJ Chalmers with Raksha Dave. The filming took place last year at Penton Lock during the Association of Dunkirk Little Ship's annual veteran's cruise. We should point out that as the film crew were filming from Endeavour's deck, she may not feature as often as other boats at Penton, but she *will* appear in the second and third episodes.
Episode 1 is available until 05/12/22 from here: https://www.channel5.com/.../dunkirk.../season-1/episode-1