Endeavour Colouring Book

The following article was published in the Leigh Times: The Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust is a charity established to ensure that Leigh's very own Dunkirk Little Ship, The Endeavour, is maintained to the highest possible order for future generations.

Although the Trust has a variety of sales items, it had been clear for some time that there was a need for something aimed at younger people. It all came together when Paul Gilson, Endeavour's skipper, met Amy Ellen, a young, talented, and local illustrator at the Leigh Town Council Youth Market event in July.

They both saw the potential of designing and producing a children's colouring book about the Endeavour story, and the team immediately set out to scope the project.

The A4 colouring book is now complete and available to buy! It is 28 pages and made up of many illustrations of Endeavour's activities – examples below.

The excellent colouring book can be bought for only £5 from rob@endeavourtrust.co.uk – with free delivery in the Southend area or postage from just £1.50 or call/text 07854610777 for further details.

All the proceeds from our sales go towards the upkeep of Endeavour. She is currently undergoing her yearly maintenance in Leigh Marina, and will be back on her mooring between The Peter Boat and Osborne's in the spring.

The Endeavour Trust has been very impressed with the professional work that Amy has produced and we hope to work with her again in the near future on other projects for the Trust.

Check out our website for further details, where you’ll find our shop: www.endeavourtrust.co.uk and you can see more of Amy's work on her website: www.amyellenillustrator.co.uk

Can you identify these people on Endeavour?

If you know any of the people shown here with Endeavour, please drop us a line and let us know!

Endeavour and Pudsey Bear

Endeavour cropped up in a section of a special Children In Need show called Pudsey's Quest, broadcast to an audience of children at Basildon's Towngate Theatre.

From the sea defences outside Osbourne's, Finlay Marshall gave Pudsey an excellent potted history of Endeavour and her part in the Dunkirk evacuations, rescues from Canvey during the '53 floods and up to her rediscovery and restoration by the Trust.

There are lots of lovely shots of the boat on the Estuary, so well worth setting the screen to maximum size!

The Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust would like to thank Mark Hardie at BBC Essex and BBC Children in Need for their permission to use this section of their show on our website.

2019 Calendar Available

The Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust has produced a quality A4 calendar for 2019, featuring an eclectic mix of photographs by various photographers. Photographs include Endeavour at past and recent events and vintage black and white photographs.
The calendars are for sale at £8.50, with free delivery in the Southend borough, and are available now.
All proceeds will be used towards the maintenance and running costs of Leigh’s Dunkirk ‘little ship’ Endeavour.
Trust members will be able to buy at the Annual dinner on November 29th at The Chalkwell Park Rooms…
Please contact Rob Everitt at Robert@everitts.org for more information, including P&P details, and to place an order.

AGM Documents 2018

Papers for the 17th AGM of the Leigh-on-Sea, Essex Trust are below.

The AGM will be held on Friday 9th November 2018 at 7.30 pm in Room 5, Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1SP.

AGM Agenda

AGM Chair's Remarks
Remittance Advice and Reminder 2018
Annual Accounts 2017-18
AGM 2017 Minutes

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter

This edition contains a report on Endeavour at Ostend at Anchor, details of the annual dinner including our speaker, a tribute to George Cocks, former Endeavour hand and supporter of the Trust, who has died aged 92, a thank you to everyone that supports us, and a report from Endeavour's trip to Windsor.

Please drop us a line if you have any comments, or visit us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EndeavourTrustLeigh/

Boat Manoeuvres in the Dark

Endeavour's participation in Ostende at Anchor provided another first for the boat; crossing the Channel in the dark. She would not be alone for the trip however as well-known fisherman Steve Meddle would be with us aboard Birgitta, his Dutch-built motor yacht.

Skipper Paul Gilson had a crew of three for the voyage, Alan Bartram, an experienced RNLI man and Finlay Marshall as tea-maker and general hand.

Author Dick Durham on Sailing on the Thames

Our annual dinner this year is at Chalkwell Park Rooms on Thursday, November 29th where our guest speaker will be local author and sailor, Dick Durham. He began cruising the local creeks in a dinghy, crewed for barge legend Bob Roberts aboard Cambria, was mate on a brigantine.

George Cocks RIP

George Cocks (right) with (l-r) Peter Wexham, Reta Cocks and Mike King

George Cocks, known in Leigh as “Reta Deal’s Husband” died in July aged 92. George helped raise funds for Endeavour and worked on her in Thames Marina repainting her hull and decks.

An Eastender, the Cocks family evacuated to Leigh during the War when he was 15 years old. In time he worked in London docks driving cranes unloading ships from  around the world.

Thank You!

Endeavour has been taken to Leigh's heart since she returned to the creek in 2005. That she is there at all is because of public and corporate support. The East Anglia Pub Co., which owns the Peter Boat, has come aboard with generous support.

As reported previously, their Hilda B beer pumps show the boat and every pint sold brings 10p towards keeping the boat in top condition. Inside the pub is a framed picture of Endeavour and the menus mention us and our part in Dunkirk in 1940.

Coming Apart at the Seams!

Long hot summers are not good for old wooden boats. Planks dry out and shrink and suddenly things aren't as watertight as they were.

Endeavour's trip to Windsor to join the little ships and the Windsor knights took place slap-bang in the middle of our hottest summer for years. Even a 2 a.m. start from Bell Wharf was warm and when the sun came up sitting on the hatches was an uncomfortable experience.

Paul Gilson was skipper with Alan Bartrum and Finlay Marshall as crew. Demands for refreshing tea increased throughout the day as the boat headed into London while the temperature went up and up.

Endeavour Annual Dinner 2018

Download a printable version of the flyer here: Annual Dinner 2018 Flyer

"The Endeavour" - Leigh Community Centre Free Event

The Endeavour Trust invites you to come along to see and hear how Endeavour, who started life in 1924 as a working fishing vessel, went to war in May 1940 as a ‘little ship’ as part of ‘Operation Dynamo’, to rescue troops from the beaches of Dunkirk.

Members of the Endeavour Trust will talk about her working days, her remarkable restoration and her new life…
Endeavour Oct 18 Event

Get a downloadable version of the Flyer here: Flyer

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter

This edition contains Peter Wexham's in depth reminiscences about his time as Endeavour's owner, news about the Summer Reception, Endeavour's return to the water, her appearance in a Dunkirk memorial mural and, a new one for us, this; a prize wordsearch!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter. For those of you that received a print version, we hope you enjoyed the revamped design. Do let us know what you think! For those of you not getting the print or electronic newsletter, here's the new title design, which reflects Endeavour's livery:

Please drop us a line if you have any comments, or visit us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EndeavourTrustLeigh/

Fowl Deeds, Foul Weather - Peter Wexham

Peter Wexham took over Endeavour from Joe Deal, his father in law and they went shrimping around 1960.  He recalls Joe's singing constantly in all kinds of weather!

In good weather they were happy songs, but in a gale it was more likely For those in peril on the sea!

"I can remember standing in the cabin with the slider pulled over my head, looking aft on a bleak and sodden night and I can still see Joe standing down in the engine room with oilskin and sou'wester on; with a fish box on its side to shield his face and him singing his heart out."

While fishing off the north side of the channel by the Chapman Lighthouse he and Joe caught a bomb!

"It was about six feet long," Peter says. "We were always catching shells and lumps of aeroplanes and other things we didn't know because they were too heavy for us to lift.  We did get this bomb to the surface and made it fast to the side of the boat.

"This thing was hissing. I expect there was a hole in it where it had corroded. Air was going in and out as we went through the water and Joe was fending it away from Endeavour, the bomb was hanging in a net from two blocks that we used to hoist things aboard with."

Peter Wexham mans the tiller
With their deadly cargo swinging alongside Peter put the boat in gear and steered for the West Leigh Middle buoy, a part of the river where no one normally towed.

"When we got there Joe started to cut the net and told me: "When I say now, put the boat in gear and give her as much engine as you can... then duck!"

The bomb dropped without going bang when it hit the bottom.  Joe had remembered one of the Cotgrove family being killed when his beam trawler hit a mine and blew the transom off the boat killing him and sinking the boat.

Later, while working with Dave Spurgeon white weeding and beam trawling, Endeavour's nets caught a cache of rifles, shotguns and air rifles which the Metropolitan Police had dumped following a firearms amnesty.  These days the Met destroy guns they have recovered but times were different then.

"They were all in working order when they came up," Peter recalls.  "A lot of fishermen were wildfowlers who were grateful for the shotguns."  The rest were dumped near the Nore buoy.

During her working life Endeavour sailed in foul and freezing weather.  Peter had added a wheelhouse which gave some comfort but returning from white weeding one winter evening it began to snow.  Dave Spurgeon was on the wheel while Peter sorted the weed aft.
"It started to blow from the southwest and was snowing heavily. Dave was standing in the wheelhouse door looking over the top to see where we were going.  I came in for a warm and he didn't move a muscle.

Peter Wexham framed by the Thames Estuary
"The spray and snow covered his face and balaclava.  His beard and eyebrows were so thick he looked like he had been caught up Everest.  If he shut his eyes his eyelashes froze together.  It was a very strange sight, but a cup of hot soup did him the world of good."

On another occasion, working off the Outer Tongue lightship northeast of Margate the weather was foul again and Endeavour headed for home. The boat shipped a lot of water and Dave went below to prime the pump.

Peter says: "As he did so there was a shriek as his hand went round the power take-off with the belt giving him, in wrestling terms, an 'Irish whip' which broke his wrist."

A call for the lifeboat went out and when it arrived a large bearded man jumped aboard and said: "Hello, I'm Davy Jones!"

"So Dave is probably the only fisherman to be greeted by Davy Jones and survive.  Dave didn't think it was funny at the time but I'll never forget it."

Peter’s last trip as owner was not to the fishing grounds.  It was 1972 and Britain was about to join the Common Market.  The Government claimed all the resources under the sea, oil sand and aggregate but gave away fishing rights to European control.

Outraged fishermen vowed to protest at Parliament and a flotilla of boats from around the country made its way to the Thames for the journey upriver to Westminster. Among them, Endeavour carrying a handmade banner with SOS on it for Save Our Soles.  The 'o' was in the form of a lifebelt.  "It was a long trip up river and we had some local press with us.  As we went through Docklands all the cranes lowered their jibs to us as we went past.  It was a tremendous sight," says Peter. "I don't think it had ever happened before." 
Dave Spurgeon with Endeavour in the background

"Once we got up the river the police and the Port of London Authority stopped us and we were all told to moor up.  They said one small boat can go through Tower Bridge to make the protest and it was down to Endeavour to do this with the world's cameras watching.  They raised Tower Bridge for us to go up to London Bridge and then back to join the rest of the fleet.  "We were put on a pleasure boat to go up to Westminster Pier.  It had TV cameras on the bow and everyone got in front of them.  Then the skipper gave out over the loudhailer that everyone must move back because he had lost control as the propeller was half out of the water!  "We did our march along Whitehall and the Embankment to Big Ben where we had a coffin with signs on it saying 'British Fish for British Fishermen' and we launched it from the bridge into the water and watched it float down river until the PLA got it out saying it was a hazard to shipping."
"It was a sad day and I had a bad headache, which for some reason I always did when I went to London.  I asked Dave to drop me off at Tilbury where I got the train home. The next day I talked to my family and Dave and sold him my share in the business and never went aboard Endeavour again until we found her years later in Rochester."

We're Back in the Water!

Endeavour is finally back in the water after a long winter where bad weather slowed work down or delayed repairs. Shipwright, Brian Kennell has fixed the rot in the hold while marine engineer Neil Rawlston of Tenenden Marine Engineers from Maidstone has fixed the rudder.

Andy Wood has spent cold hours in Leigh Marina organising repairs and new member Alan Bartram ante-fouled the hull. Neil Goldie from Ipswich donated 90 feet of mooring chain which we shall use to improve the mooring.

New chairman, David Norman was in the chair for his first committee meeting in April and commented: "We are so lucky to have volunteers and trades to help us keep the boat operational. Our committee is so grateful for their help and skills."

One innovation this year will be improved seating for occasions when we have passengers aboard. Until now they have had to sit on the hatches without any support. Temporary seat-backs have been made up which we can install when old soldiers are aboard enabling us to keep them much safer and comfortable.

Our new radio equipment has also arrived and will be installed in time for the Ostend trip.

Summer's Coming (We Hope!)

The Hoy Shanty Crew onboard Endeavour
Once again we shall be holding the summer reception at Osborne Bros in the Old Town on Thursday June 21. Endeavour will be moored nearby while we enjoy the food, the drinks from the Crooked Billet and the songs from the Hoy Shanty Crew.

As usual we shall hold be holding a raffle. Any members who would like to donate a prize should contact Chris Bailey or Finlay Marshall.  The crew will regale you or bore you with their latest trip across the Channel and to Ipswich and to sell you tickets.

We have been lucky in the past with the weather to enjoy Leigh looking its best while we enjoy a pleasant evening.

Tickets are £15 each and an application form is downloadable here.  The Committee look forward to seeing you there.

Have a Walk in the Park

The Trust will be moving inshore in June to be part of Community Day along with other groups from the town.

Our posh new gazebo will be at Bonchurch Park on Sunday June 10.

The free event runs from noon until 3pm. Various exhibitions, demonstrations, performances and entertainment will go on throughout the day.

Apart from Endeavour's stall others taking part include, Leigh Lions Club, Southend RNLI, Leigh Round Table, Samaritans of Southend-on-Sea, Broadway Belles, The Co-op, Essex Hundred Publications and more.

Crew members of the boat will be on hand to talk about the Trust and Endeavour's latest voyage to Ostend or whether they enjoy Belgium’s favourite - eating chips with salad cream. They also hope to be able to tell how enjoyable the trip across the Channel was which will make a change from moaning about “Endeavour Weather”, in other words, stormy.

To entertain children there will be performances from local amateur dramatic and dance groups and Bonchurch Park has a lovely play area.

Artful Surprise

The Endeavour section of John Bulley's Dunkirk mural in Victoria Plaza, Southend
Members of the Trust Committee frequently get asked about the Dunkirk mural in Victoria Plaza. The large artwork by John Bulley has been in place for some time now. His work has appeared on various sites around the town over the years as John follows Banksy by placing pictures on run down sites. A founder of the alternative Estuary Arts Festival John has worked on film sets from Harry Potter to Memphis Belle.

His most famous work is the railway bridge at Camden Lock as well as at London Zoo. The Dunkirk mural was done with help from Shoebury High School, South Essex Homes and Victoria Plaza.

We didn't have room for this in the newsletter, but due to the cramped space where the mural appears, it's difficult to get a decent photograph of the whole piece, however, John Bulley kindly send us three photographs of his draft sketch which we've crudely superimposed upon each other to give an impression of how the full piece looks:

A photograph of the left hand side of the mural with some of the artists from Shoeburyness High School can be found here.


Endeavour, second from the quay, bottom left, at Ostend

Endeavour Wordsearch

Find the following words in the grid:


One correct entry from a member will be picked at random during the summer reception to receive an Endeavour mug and tea-towel. Email solutions to jmarshall678@btinternet.com with your membership number by 15th June.

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter

This edition gives information about events for this year, a report from the Annual Dinner, changes to the management commitee, an update on the Co-op Community Fund, an Endeavour-themed tap handle, a story of sat-nav's going wild and a bit more screen time for Endeavour in Dunkirk.

 We hope you enjoy this newsletter!

Please drop us a line if you have any comments, or visit us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EndeavourTrustLeigh/

Come and Join Us!

Endeavour at Ostend in 2015
Endeavour will be taking part in several events this summer both at home and abroad. Trust members are welcome to be part of the crew and places are available.

Along with other Dunkirk Little Ships we have been invited to Ostende at Anchor from May 10th to 13th. This is an exciting event with 150 boats from all parts of the North Sea taking part. You can see and talk to those who preserve our maritime heritage, and watch demonstrations of ship building, plus enjoy music and good food on the quaysides.

Tales from History

Above: Col Harding addresses members and the Mayor of Southend at the annual dinner

Seventy members and their guests attended the annual dinner held at Essex County Bowls Club in November. Our guest speaker was Colonel Michael Harding, a Windsor Knight who explained how the order was formed by King Edward 111 following the Battle of Crecy in 1346.

Committee Changes

The Endeavour Trust Management Committee has undergone some changes over the winter.

We have a new Chairman, Councillor David Norman, who has been a committee member since our inception. Former chair Chris Bailey is to be treasurer and Chris Burls will be membership secretary.

Also new to the Committee are Bob Everitt and Colin Sains who crew on board. Finally, Finlay Marshall takes over the Newsletter in conjunction with his son, Fraser, who looks after our website and Facebook page.

David and Chris take up their new appointments on April 1st.

The changes come about because of Peter Dolby's resignation as Secretary and Treasurer and his impending move to the West Country.

Co-Op Local Community Fund

Once again the Trust has been chosen by the Co-operative in Leigh Broadway to be part of its charity appeal. This year we shall be on their charity programme for eleven months. We have just received £1,115.88 from them, for which was say thank you to everyone who supports us. We can't do without you!

Going Out of our Way!

An Invitation to Bradwell Quay Yacht Club to give a talk gave Peter Dolby and Finlay Marshall an interesting and embarrassing trip around Essex. Having loaded computer, projector, screen and merchandise into the car Peter set his Sat-Nav for Bradwell and set off.
Unfortunately he programmed in just Bradwell and guess what? There are two Bradwells in Essex! So having gone through Maldon suddenly there was Bradwell near Coggeshall and not a yacht club or water in sight.
A phone call to Bradwell Quay to apologise and the duo arrived over an hour late. Our hosts were most gracious and forgiving and Peter's talk went well.
Our excuse is that it was dark, poorly signed and some roads were closed...

You Can Drink To Us!

Endeavour's crew enjoy a pint or two especially after some of our rougher trips! For some time now The Peter Boat in the Old town has sponsored events for us and now has beer with our name on it. Having road-tested it the crew has pronounced it “very fine”. 

Under the name Hilda B is a picture of Endeavour under sail and the legend: “The Peter Boat is proud to sponsor The Endeavour”.  

We're Hatching Something

We are in the midst of refitting for the coming season with Endeavour in Leigh Marina ready for re-painting and some repairs. Rot has set in again on the bulkhead between the engine room and the hold.

More Dunkirk

Our appearance in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk wasn't enough to win an Oscar for Best Picture. However it did win statuettes for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing and Editing.

If you haven't bought the DVD of Dunkirk you miss seeing more of Endeavour than appeared in the film. A second disc has shots of the boat on the beach taking on soldiers as well as interviews with ADLS crews and skippers including our own Paul Gilson.


Here's a lovely shot of Endeavour being admired at last year's Veterans Cruise to Hampton Court, courtesy of Peter Dolby.