Trips on Endeavour

We love having people come on trips on Endeavour, and in 2022, we took a decision that we wanted to spent more time in local waters benefiting local people. We were rewarded by having more folks take a trip than ever before!

Endeavour is a historic boat, and we have taken great care to restore her to how she would have looked when she was built - also how she would have looked when she went to Dunkirk. She wasn't built to modern standards and there are health and safety risks when taking a trip on her.

A health and safety briefing is given to all passengers before departure and all are required to wear a buoyancy aid while on board. The drinking of alcohol is not permitted on board under any circumstances.

Endeavour is insured as a pleasure boat, which sadly means that we can't just sell tickets for trips to anyone that wants one.

We'd love to be able to turn up at Bell Wharf and take the money from whoever fancied a jaunt to the pier, but this would require us to be a commercial vessel, which would necessitate us complying with modern health and safety standards. This could mean modifying the boat to include things like safety railings, and we hope you'd all agree that that's really not something we should be doing to a historically significant boat!

As a consequence, we can currently only take members out on the boat - one of the key benefits of membership is that you can get free trips on the boat, subject to availability of places and the vagaries of the good old British weather. Many members are kind enough to make additional donations if they come out with us, which all helps cover costs. This is why we we always endeavour (pun intended) to advertise outings in advance so that people can become members in good time and join us on board.

Bear in mind, however, that the cost of a membership also gets you four copies of our newsletter and compared to the price of a trip on a historic commercial vessel, membership is extremely good value.

To become a member, join up here.

Schedule of Events 2023

A schedule of events is available to download here. This is all the possible dates that Endeavour could sail in 2023, and was accurate as of 15/05/23.

Weather, crew availability and other factors will affect whether Endeavour can actually sail on a given day. We always aim to fulfil our dates, but we have to keep people safe and things might have to change due to factors we can't control.

As dates are booked up, we aim to update the file as quickly as possible, but always drop us line and we'll confirm what's free.