Schedule of Activities 2024 — Book a Trip on Endeavour

The new Schedule of Activities for 2024 has been uploaded to the Endeavour website on the Trips on Endeavour page. We'd love to print it in the newsletter, but we'd have no room for anything else if we did! If you are unable to access an online copy, please let Chris Burls (01702 553274) know, and we'll arrange for a hard copy to be delivered.

The Schedule of Activities lists all of the potential dates when tides mean Endeavour could possibly make an excursion, plus lists existing commitments including - amongst others - the Classic Boat Show at St Kats, the ADLS Commemorative Cruise and the Old Leigh Shanty Festival.

Summer Reception Announced

The date for this year’s Summer Reception has been announced as Friday, the 14th of June. We’re delighted to once more to be able to host the event at Osborne Bros on Billet Wharf. 

The Summer Reception is renowned for being great fun and an opportunity to chat with Trust members over a glass while enjoying Osborne’s fine seafood.