January 2005 Newsletter

New Engine arrives for Endeavour

Back in September of 2004 work to complete the restoration of Endeavour restarted and is progressing well. The hull has now been re-planked and Reta Cocks has done a wonderful job sticking wooden plugs into every screw hole - and there were rather a lot of them. Peter Dolby and Finlay Marshall are also doing a great job painting just about everything that can't move out of the way. The steamed timbers have been put in place and the beam shelf fixed round. 

The deck beams have now been fitted along with the bulkheads. The stern tube has been made and fitted into the pre-drilled hole and the decking is now being laid. Steve Cocks has ordered the fuel tanks from a company in Southampton and is organising the gearbox, prop shaft and propeller. 

Peter and Finlay have been putting coat after coat of varnish on the mast and spars and they now have quite a shine to them. The sails are being made in Tollsbury and work has now started on the rigging. Because time is getting short we now have four craftsman working full time on the restoration as it was felt that the sooner work is completed the better. 

The intention is to return Endeavour to Leigh sometime in March so that the finishing work like the rigging can be completed, the final painting done and she can be re-launched in April. Obviously the actual dates are still to be agreed but will be set as soon as it is practical to do so. There is still quite a lot of work to be done before she can return to Leigh, but the work is definitely proceeding well.

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 Endeavour as she looked in the 1950s/60s (photo missing)

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