...Now the Antifouling!

Paul and Heather Gilson have been antifouling Endeavour today. This is an essential stage otherwise poor Endeavour would end up with barnacles on her bottom, and no one wants that!

Click for bigger versions of Paul's photos.



The Paint is Going On!

Massive thanks are due to Finlay Marshall, Alan Barttram, Chris Burls and Rob Everitt for their sterling socially-distanced efforts to paint Endeavour at Brian Kennell Boatbuilders over the last couple of days.

Here's a few of Rob's photos of the work!


Endeavour Lockdown Quiz

Come and join us on Facebook for a live trivia quiz on Tuesday 12th May at 19:45!

The quiz will be five rounds of ten questions each and should take about an hour. The quiz will actually start at 20:00 but we'll be online from earlier to give people a chance to get online and resolve any issues. There is no charge to take part!

Full instructions on how to view the quiz will be released nearer the time, but for now, if you plan to join us, simply respond to the event  invite with 'Going'.

Questions will be read out but will also be displayed on the screen in case there are any issues with the connection being a bit flaky.

It is entirely "for fun", but we will ask people to post their scores at the end of the quiz. You will be marking your own work, but feel free to compete with friends and family - the more the merrier!"
You have to have a Facebook account in order to participate. The link to do so is https://www.facebook.com/events/272767933896356/