AGM 2021

The eighteenth Annual General Meeting of the Endeavour Trust will be held on Friday 1st October, 2021 at 7.30 pm in Room 7, Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1SP.

All members are welcome to attend. The meeting should take no more than an hour.

The Agenda can be found here and the Financial Statement here.

Additionally, members were treated to a lovely PowerPoint presentation of Endeavour's Year, with narration from Rob.

Endeavour's Flag at Half Mast

Endeavour's flag has been set to half-mast today as a mark of respect to Andy Barthaud, owner of East Anglia Pub Company, whose funeral takes place today.

Andy Barthaud was been a great friend and sponsor to Endeavour and we receive a yearly donation for the sale of his famous Hilda-B beer - 10p a pint, from The Peter Boat, where you can buy yourself a pint of Hilda B. The pub also features Endeavour on its sign and menus.

Thank you Andy; your generosity has made a huge difference, and your friendship will be much missed.

Photos from St Kats

Rob Everitt dropped us a few shots to give us a flavour of the weekend at St Katherine Docks for the Classic Boat Festival. Endeavour and many of her fellow ADLS vessels will now make the journey up the Thames to Penton Hook for the Veteran's Cruise.