Christmas 2023 Cards and Gifts

Hello Trust members and supporters – have you considered Endeavour merchandise for your Christmas presents?
The three cards below are high quality cards with sharp images and some history of the boat on the read (designs 1&2). They are 50 pence each, with an envelope and are available from Chris Burls. Please contact Chris with the number you'd like and he'll respond with details of how to purchase and postage rates: email Chris. Postage is free if local, or at standard rates if further afield.

Prices correct at time of original posting. Items may no longer be available, but please enquire if interested.

Card 1:

Card 2:

Card 3 (blank inside for your own message).

Also available are our hard-wearing Endeavour bags-for-life at just £5 and the ideal beverage receptacle, the Endeavour Mug - also £5. Please contact Chris with the number you'd like and he'll respond with details of how to purchase and postage rates: email Chris. Postage is free if local, or at standard rates if further afield.

Endeavour bag for life - £5

Endeavour Mug - £5


A Mixed Summer

All Lit Up - photo: Andrew Millham

As reported in the last newsletter, the Trust’s management committee has directed that Endeavour remain in Leigh waters to raise the profile of the boat locally and offer members the chance of a trip out on the water. Despite publishing possible trip days on the website, sadly only a few have availed themselves of the opportunity.

The Nore Race organised by Benfleet Yacht Club has been an annual event, which has been a highlight of the local racing season since the early 1920s and has been raced every peacetime year since.

What an opportunity, we thought, to show the Endeavour flag, so we entered her in this year’s race. Sadly we learned at the last minute that we were not insured to race and so were forced to withdraw.

However, having planned the day we went out for a sail with member, and Leigh Sailing Club Commodore, Robin Tothill aboard. Robin was to have been our mentor, had we raced. It was a great day, only slightly marred by a halyard failure, which was quickly remedied.

Our normal members trips run from about an hour before HW along the foreshore to the base of the pier then along its West side to the pierhead, showing the boat off to walkers. Then down to the Mulberry harbour wreckage, before heading back upriver to arrive back in Leigh about an hour after HW. This allows the crew time to get moored again with sufficient water.

Other trips have included the scattering of the ashes of one of our long standing members, who had ‘crossed the bar’.  Such trips are quite moving for Endeavour’s crew and hopefully help bring the family of the deceased closure.

Old Leigh Fair

A few years ago, the Old Leigh Regatta, which had been held on the first decent weekend high water each September for as long as many of us can remember, looked as if it was going to become history.

Step forward the good old dependable Leigh–on-Sea Lions Club, who stepped up  and continued the tradition on the appropriate Sunday.

Much had to change. The greasy pole failed the health and safety test (boo!), road closures became untenable and water activities were drastically curtailed. Football on the mud became forgotten. Over recent years, COVID-19 and the death of her Majesty the Queen again meant that the Regatta did not take place as expected.

This year, the Leigh Lions’ busy schedule dictated that the event would take place on 10th September. Sadly, the tide peaked at 10am at nearly 2 metres lower than the optimum.

Not daunted, the name was changed to Old Leigh Fair and the festivities continued in and around the Strand. The decision was taken to leave Endeavour on her mooring dressed (right) and set up our gazebo as close to her as possible. This too posed a problem as the walkway adjacent to the mooring would have been completely blocked.

An enquiry to the 4th/6th Leigh Scouts and our problem was solved! We were given permission to set up the gazebo in the Coal Hole’s southern gateway.  

New committee member Andrew Millham and Chris, ably assisted by Linda Marshall, staffed the stall and spoke with a steady stream of interested visitors, some of whom joined the Trust there and then—thank you!

We sold some of our Endeavour merchandise and a steady stream of donations was received, but the main aim of the exercise was simply for us to be noticed by the visitors to promote the work of the Trust. On such a lovely day, this aim was certainly achieved.

The next evening Andrew found Endeavour had become part of the Leigh illuminations!

Leigh Shanty Festival

was once again on parade for the Leigh Shanty Festival over the weekend 20th—21st May.

We had to attend, of course, because our faithful friends, the Leigh-on-Sea Lions Club with the Hoy At Anchor Folk Club, were running it to benefit both the RNLI and the Endeavour Trust!  

Endeavour Summer Social

On Thursday 8th June, our good friends at Osborne Bros hosted our Summer Social on Billet Wharf with entertainment from the Hoy Shanty Crew.  

The Summer Social is an opportunity for our members to get together to enjoy local seafood and each other’s company with Endeavour sitting dressed overall on her mooring nearby.

Laying Up Supper 2023 Full Details

This year's Laying Up Supper will be held at the Chalkwell Park Rooms on the evening of Friday 20th October. The Supper gives you and friends a chance to get together, meet committee members and discuss the future of the Trust.

Venue:                 Chalkwell Park Rooms.  SS0 8NB

Date:                    Friday 20th October 7pm for 7-30

Tickets:                £25 pp

Tragedy Strikes as Endeavour's Mast Breaks!

Don't panic! It's not quite as it seems!!

Members may recall that last October we carried a piece about the lovely radio-controlled model of Endeavour that had been put together by Jimmy and Barbara Waters. Jimmy just sent us an update about an incident that occurred recently. Over to Jimmy:

"We took our boats to Maldon for a sail this week. Poor Endeavour had a rough time though. Her rigging got into a bit of a twist in the wind, and the radio intermittently packed up, which sent her adrift and because of that she floated into the hands of some unaccompanied children who thought they'd help and push her back away from the edge by her mast!

Summer Reception 2023

The Hoy Shanty Crew at last year's event

This year’s Summer Reception will be held on Thursday 8th June, at Osbourne Bros on Billet Wharf.

The Summer Reception is renowned for being great fun and an opportunity to chat with Trust members over a glass while enjoying Osbourne’s fine seafood.

Tickets are £20 each with a choice of seafood platter or Fish & Chips.

New Treasurer Sought

UPDATE: A new Treasurer has been found!

Our current Treasurer, Rob Everitt, has decided that after a few years in the role, he intends to stand down – which makes an opportunity for somebody to come in and take over the Treasurer role. Rob says that now we've 'gone digital', the role is far more streamlined and less arduous than in previous times and it's now quite a smooth role (...and trips to the local HSBC bank in Leigh-on-Sea are a thing of the past!!)