Welcome to the Autumn 2016 Newsletter

This edition covers the adventures of Endeavour during the 1970s, the Veterans' Cruise Weekend at Hampton Court, a beautiful photograph of Endeavour and her crew during the 1940s, Community Events and Festivals news and the Co-Op Community Fund.

We hope you enjoy!
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Endeavour Fishing in the late 1970s - Stuart Strauss

At the Leigh regatta in September, we were approached by Stuart Strauss. He told us that he had skippered Endeavour in the late 1970s and was able to fill in some gaps we had in Endeavour's working life, shortly before she left Leigh and worked out of Kent. We are very grateful to Stuart for spending time penning some memories he has, which we are delighted to share below with  members and the community.

In early 1976 I was having lunch in a cafe near Glendale Gardens when Mike of Mike's Boatyard came and sat at my table and we got chatting. I told him I was fitting out a boat to go weeding with. "Don't bother with that", he said, "I've recently bought the Endeavour. Come and work that for me".

Veterans' Cruise Weekend at Hampton Court - Andrew Wood

In July, I was asked by some members of the Endeavour Trust committee whether I was available to skipper Endeavour for the Veterans' Cruise. Last year I had joined the crew for the passage from Leigh to Hampton with Paul Gilson and other members of the Trust. It was my first trip on the Endeavour, although I have known her from my teenage years. The mast had to be lowered to go under the London bridges, en route to Hampton, so this year time was spent on sourcing materials and gear to make the lowering and lifting of the mast much easier and, at the same time, keeping the decks clear for the crew and passengers to move about safely.

James Colin 'Peter' Snoad

We are extremely grateful to Glynis Moss for letting us use this photograph  which she found amongst some old family photos. Her  Dad, James Colin Snoad, known as Peter Snoad is standing on the left of the picture. Glynis doesn't know the gentleman on the right.

Community Events and Festivals

Many good photographs were taken  at the barge match including this one by a Southend Echo photographer and published in the
Monday edition following the race. Perhaps the photographer thought Endeavour was a  barge!

Once again Endeavour sailed among the splendid Thames Sailing Barges competing this year in the 53rd Southend Barge Match. Paul and Chris Bailey were joined on board by Michael Howard, Peter Monk and Richard Baxter.

The Co-Op Community Fund

We are delighted that the Leigh Co-op food and funeral care outlets have approved the Endeavour Trust as one of two local community groups they are supporting for six months. This is a completely new initiative by the Co-op and works like this.

Photo Gallery

Cubs on board in October taken by Anne Hinton van’t Hof

Christmas Cards 2016

We have Christmas cards available again this year, from a watercolour by David Hurrell.


If you wish to purchase any please email or telephone your order to Peter Dolby.

Cards, with quality envelope, are 60p each – delivery free within the Southend area.