Welcome to the Autumn 2020 Newsletter

This edition contains news of Endeavour's first trip out in quite a while, down to St Katherine's Docks, a historical piece about when Endeavour was up in London for another reason - a bit of political lobbying on behalf of the fishing industry, an update on our finances, news about our mooring and a summary of all the ways in which people are able to make donations to support us.

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A Trip At Last!

Having suffered Covid-19 lock-down in St Osyth for months just as the weather warmed up, Endeavour came home to Leigh Marina for the final stages of repairs and painting. Almost every event planned for 2020 had been cancelled or postponed.

Then the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships invited us to join them at St Katherine's Dock.

When Endeavour Went to Westminster

Fishermen are once again asking for greater control of the seas as the country tries to secure trading deals with the European Union. When we joined the Common Market fishermen were just as militant about their rights and took their protests to the heart of London.

Endeavour’s former owner, Peter Wexham had a leading part in the protest with his partner, Dave Spurgeon. Recalling the protest Peter said: “It was always hard to make a living whilst having a family and a mortgage as well as the expenses of the boat and this was a very hard decision in my life.

An Expensive Year But Worth It!

As we are unable to have our normal AGM this year, we thought you would appreciate an update on our financials. The detailed financial status is now available, as usual, on the website – look under AGM.

2019/20 has been a particularly costly year for the trust. Luckily we were able to hold our dinner in November, but as you are all aware, all other fund raising events have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

We have lovely members in the trust, which we are so thankful for, some of whom have helped even further by making some lovely donation, totalling over £2k in the year.

One sponsor, The East Anglia Pub company (The Peter Boat), also donated a sum of £580, and we have been informed that we will be receiving a donation of £333 from the Waitrose Community Matters programme.

You may have seen that we have also now got a donation button working on our Facebook and website, so donating couldn’t be easier – and it’s such fun to use too – plus we have Amazon Smile now available for anybody who buys online.

Main financial note this year has been the removal of rot from the boat. As you would have read in the last newsletters, as part of our usual maintenance schedule, we had planned in this year to get the deck re-caulked by Brian Kennell and Shaun White, the boat builders who performed the original restoration.

We took the boat round to their yard in St Osyth, but when they started investigative work, they found a significant amount of rot in the stern deck, rudder and transom, which meant that Endeavour was laid up over there for much longer than we had originally envisaged.

The final repair bill for 2019/20 was over £16k, over half of which was covered by the wonderful Co-op donation that we had received in early 2019, and we are so thankful to the people of Leigh-on-Sea and the Coop community fund for making that happen.

We took advantage, whilst
Endeavour was laid up over in St Osyth for months, and a bunch of ‘willing volunteers’ spent some very, very cold and some very, very hot days over in St Osyth, and in Leigh Marina, scraping, sanding and painting her… an experience we won’t forget!! She is now looking lovely. 

The Trust started the year with a total of £19,172.50 in the bank, and we ended the financial year at the end of August with £6,978.53. Hopefully, normality can ensue in 2020/21 and we can plan some events together...

Thank you members!!

Rob Everitt—Treasurer

Making Donations to the Trust

The Trust has set up a number of different mechanisms to enable members and supporters to make financial gifts to help with our work.

All money that is received by the Trust, irrespective of method of donation, will be used to maintain Endeavour and ensure she’s used for the purposes for which the Trust was established and registered with the Charities Commission.

We know that there are many pressures on people’s time and money, and we are always incredibly humbled by and grateful for the generosity of our supporters. Thank you!

You can support our work by becoming a member and renewing your subscription annually – click here for more! Thank you!

PayPal Donate
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Facebook Donate
Facebook users can visit our page at facebook.com/EndeavourTrustLeigh and click the blue ‘Donate’ button under the main photo. There’s no cost to us taking donations by this method and you can use Gift Aid. Users can share links to their followers to ask for donations if they wish.

Donations via Cheque
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Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile is a charitable programme run by Amazon. For every eligible purchase Amazon donates 0.5% of the net cost of the product free-of-charge to you. It won’t change the world, but it all makes a difference!

You have to use a dedicated link; smile.amazon.co.uk. The first time you do this you will be asked to select your charity (The Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust, hopefully!) and thereafter, as long as you use that dedicated Amazon Smile link, we will get the donation from eligible purchases. Amazon mobile app users can turn on Smile by looking under 'Settings' in their app.

More Information

More information about all of these methods of donating, including security information and our Privacy Notice, is accessible from here www.endeavourtrust.co.uk/p/donate.html