Letitia Comes Back to Home Waters

After some years in Lowestoft, the only other Leigh Dunkirk boat is heading to Rochester having been bought by Donald and Linda Spence. The couple, who have been crewing aboard other ADLS boats for some time brought her to St Katherine's Dock, London to join others in the fleet.

Letitia had been under tow off Dunkirk from the drifter Ben and Lucy in 1940 after her rudder was damaged during the troop evacuations. Renown's engine broke down and Letitia passed a line aboard her sister ship. Half an hour later there was a massive explosion as Renown hit a mine and a rain of splinters fell on Letitia's deck.

Renown was lost with all hands.

Told by the Navy they could go home, Letitia returned to the Thames and resumed fishing, a career she was still pursuing until the 1990s. She then was converted to a motor sailer and moored in Ramsgate Harbour for many years before moving to Lowestoft.

Unlike Endeavour, Letitia has running water, a loo and a new electric cooker. Don Spence said: “Linda and I had been looking for a Little Ship for some time and we are very pleased with her. There is still some work to be done but she is ready for sea and we hope to be part of the trip to Antwerp later this year.” He has also promised to visit Leigh when we shall be pleased to welcome her home.

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