Dunkirk Memorial Service at St Clements

St Clements Church is holding a memorial service to remember and commemorate the fisherman of Leigh who went to Dunkirk on June 1st 1940 to help rescue the British forces trapped there. 

Prayers will be said for the crew of Renown, Frank Osborne, Harry Osborne, Harry Noakes and Harold Graham Porter who gave their lives in the service of their countrymen.

The simple service will be a mixture of remembrance, music, readings and prayer, including two minutes silence and a recitation of The Losing of the Renown.

A chance to remember, with thanks, the role of Leigh in the history of this nation.

All are welcome.

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  1. Losing The Renown? I'd very much like to read that text. Please, where can I find it? If I was able to afford to travel I'd very much like to attend that Service, to remember all the Southend area boat-owners who were involved in - or seriously-affected-by Dunkirk. The Myalls of the two Britannias and the Skylark, - F. Bridge of the PeggyIV, - Mr Clayton of the Seafoam, - Bill Wilson and Albert Brand who had all seven of their SMNCo. tripper boats requisitioned, - the Robinsons from Shoebury, Allan Barrell from Canvey who lost both his boats, - the crews of Theobald's 4 barges, - the descendants of the Lifeboat Crew who'd ALL volunteered, and all the rest of them. My best wishes for the Occasion.


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