David Norman

We have had our fair share of 'Davids' from the very start of the movement to restore Endeavour, but this particular one has been with us all along. He attended the first public meeting and proposed the establishment of the Trust. He helped to remove the 'rubble and tat' from Endeavour when she returned to Leigh and is one of the Trustees.

Together with Mike King he masterminded the proposal to the Heritage Lottery Fund which culminated in the Fund being one of our main sponsors and our getting a very substantial grant.

He is a real Leigh man with roots in the Old Town. A keen sailor of a Mirror dinghy, he works tirelessly to improve our community activities. And now?

He is the Deputy Mayor of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council prior to being the Mayor next year.

We're all proud of you – 'OUR' David Norman.

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