Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Each week brings new information of the details of this historic event. It is proving a challenge keeping up with the changes and how they affect Endeavour and the crew and passengers aboard. We are delighted that so many members put their names forward to take part and we have recently advised everyone on the dates that they are on board and the arrangements as we know them at present. Future changes will be advised as they become known.  

Endeavour will be among fifty vessels in the 'Avenue of Sail' section moored between London and Tower Bridges. The Pageant route is effectively from upriver of Battersea Rail Bridge to downriver of Tower Bridge. The lead vessel is currently scheduled to pass under Battersea Rail Bridge at 14:30 and the last vessel is expected to reach Tower Bridge at 17:00.
The flotilla, comprising up to one thousand boats, is heralded by The Royal Jubilee Bells, and led by Gloriana, the hand-built 88-foot rowbarge. The first section will include rowed and paddled vessels, including Watermen's cutters, modern row boats, kayaks and Dragon boats. 

The second section includes boats carrying the flags of the Commonwealth nations, Realms, Territories and Dependencies. Then comes the Royal section, with support vessels from the former Royal Yacht Britannia accompanying the Pageant's flagship, the Royal Barge, on which The Queen will travel. She will be followed immediately by the Guard of Honour. In the fourth section will be the Dunkirk Little Ships, followed by historic vessels in the fifth. 

Following the historic boats will be the working boats, including steam boats and tugs. The next - the seventh - will see an array of leisure vessels, followed by the eighth section of narrow boats and Dutch barges. The final two sections are designated for passenger vessels, allowing for significant public participation as part of the flotilla itself.

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