Updates on Two Other Little Ships


Back in 2001 we ventured to Rochester as we had learnt that Resolute, Leigh cockle boat and 'Dunkirk little ship' was there. 

However, we found her condition too bad for restoration but there by chance was Endeavour.

Our restoration story started then but for Resolute well some years later, in 2006 she was transported to Glasgow where BAE Systems hoped to draw up plans for her rebuild. This picture shows her poor condition on arrival in Glasgow.

They came down to Leigh to see Endeavour in 2010 and were very interested in our own experiences. More recently she was taken on by the Maxi Richards Foundation but due to cuts in funding she is now back at BAE Systems. Resolute remains on the Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust list of vessels under their care and we hope to report more positive news in future newsletters.

We reported in last December's newsletter that Caresana, a 1933 built lifeboat, was hidden away alongside the Sea Scout building in Old Leigh.

After a short stay in Smallgains Marina on Canvey she was towed up river to Shepperton where she is pictured. Much gear has since been stripped out and stored ashore and an overall cover constructed and fitted.

The superstructure needs extensive renewal, the electrical system will have to be completely replaced and the engines require a full overhaul.

Under the tender care of the DLSRT we are sure she will soon be ready to join other Dunkirk little ships.

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