The Flood and the Snow

There has been much television and newspaper coverage of the floods, 60 years ago, that affected much of the Essex coast including, of course, Canvey Island.

David Johnson recalls his father telling him of the telephone call he received late that evening from the police warning him of the very high tide expected that night. He went to Johnson & Jago's yard to see the railway line at Leigh Station under water. The water was rising in the boatsheds and was in danger of lifting the boats off their cradles and in the smaller shed through the roof. It was decided to drill holes in the hull of the wooden boats to allow them to fill with water and hence remain on their cradles.

Michael Dolby remembers being one of many from Leigh who launched their dinghies to help evacuate Canvey residents.

What has not featured so much in the news is the snow that fell 50 years ago on Boxing Day 1962 with the freezing conditions remaining for many weeks. It was so cold that the sea froze!

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