Cockling Old and New

Endeavour passing the pier viewed from on board Renown
Trevor Osborne, far left, feeling the weight of yokes and empty baskets and busily raking cockles into the lavnet.Endeavour joined with the modern cockle boat Renown to illustrate modern cockling methods with those of yesteryears. Renown skippered by Andrew Lawrence and crewed by Graham Osborne also had on board Radio Essex's own Peter Holmes. Peter interviewed Andrew and Graham and also Roy West and Trevor Osborne about their experiences cockling.

Peter included extracts of these interviews on his Saturday morning breakfast programme. Filming took place from Endeavour and Renown. These will be merged and edited to create both an archival record and an aide to our blossoming community and educational programmes.

Andrew Lawrence displays the cockles caught by suction dredging.Andrew and Graham landed cockles using modern suction methods and a few were boiled and sampled on board. "Delicious!" said Peter between mouthfuls. Both boats anchored off Thorpe Bay and when the tide went out were joined by Roy and Trevor who had 'walked off' and enthusiastically took to the task of hand raking using rakes and lavnets. The cockles were loaded into baskets which were hooked onto the yokes and carried to the boat. It was amusing to see Peter try his hand, puffing and blowing under the weight.

Two officers from Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries & Conservation joined us to assess the cockles for the coming season and are keen to use our filming for their own purposes.


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