St Katharine Docks Classic Boat Festival

We took part in this year's classic boat festival at St Katharine Docks, forming part of the Mayor's Thames Festival over the weekends 7th-8th & 14th-15th September.

Paul had moved Endeavour to Canvey Island from where there is 'easy boarding' for our passengers. Paul with crew members Chris and Finlay welcomed six members on board.

The forecast rain held off until reaching London and everyone enthused over the stunning views offered from Endeavour in mid river. We were joined on the river and in the lock by some of the other vessels taking part, including majestic Thames barges.
The second weekend was a special celebration of 'Dunkirk Little Ships' which was highlighted through one off tours of the 'little ships' led by Ian Gilbert, the Association's Commodore.

All the boats were dressed with nautical flags and each was presented with an event pennant flag. Rod Stewart visited the festival and had an impromptu jam session aboard 'Dunkirk Little Ship', New Britannic. New Britannic is an old pleasure boat, owned by Greg McLeish, and a recent addition to the ADLS. We could not hold it against him that he had come from down under as he was passionate about his boat. But what we were taken aback with was his comments about Endeavour, "Oh mate, she's a legend! Everybody tells me about her, can I come and see her?" Once again wherever we are the Endeavour effect is there. Very pleasing but why?

Skipper Paul commented that despite the poor weather visitor numbers were fair. Importantly though it was the quality of the visitors that made the event and our participation rewarding.

It is a shame that we can't get more members to man the boat for longer periods as, with this level of interest, it is a pleasure to meet everyone.

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