Community and Educational Programme - Peter Dolby

Since the last newsletter I have given seven talks to local community groups and in March I was delighted to visit Cedar Hall School, in Thundersley. 

The talk interested the children and many of them asked very searching questions. Some enjoyed trying the yokes and baskets on for size. 

Their teacher, Michelle Philpott, was warmly applauded when she too 'had a go'.

The children had visited the Heritage Centre in Old Leigh a couple of weeks previously and drawn pictures of the beach scene and the boats that went to Dunkirk. Two of their drawings are shown opposite.

From the experience gained from the talk and their visit to the Old Town the children acted out a short play about the Dunkirk rescues and talked about what they had learned at a special school assembly for parents. The children wrote some wonderful thank you letters which are so meaningful both to me and our educational programme.

They will visit the Old Town again next month to see 'our little ship' when she is back on her mooring and Mrs Philpott has promised to let them sample some cockles.

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