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An enquiry received via our website put us in touch with the Springfield Primary School in Chelmsford. Their years 5 and 6 were studying key turning parts in World War 2, beginning with the evacuation from Dunkirk. They were particularly looking at a group of fishing boats from Leigh that sailed to the rescue.

Peter Dolby was delighted when Year 5 teacher Mrs Faulds   invited him to visit the school and talk to the children about Endeavour, especially her role as one of the six Leigh 'little ships'.
On arrival Peter learnt that in November the children had been set a homework project which included using the internet to research the story of the fishing boats from Leigh, making a model of a Dunkirk 'little ship' and preparing a fact sheet of the evacuation from information provided to them.
As a consequence Peter found that the children had a profound knowledge of the evacuation and specifically the involvement of the Leigh boats. There was genuine interest and many intelligent questions were asked.

The classroom  was decked with information and after Peter's talk the children proudly displayed the model boats - as seen in the photograph above.

As always the children enjoyed trying the yoke and baskets and were amazed at how heavy they were - empty!

Peter has given three talks to local community groups since the last newsletter and a further six are booked for later this year.

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