Our Two Vice Presidents - Mike King

Jeremy and John pictured at the Summer reception with Endeavour
Jeremy Squier and John Milgate are our two Vice Presidents who became involved with Endeavour in very different ways.

Jeremy’s April Rose moored
 in the Caledonian Canal

Jeremy was the Chairman of Essex Wildlife Trust in Southend and handed the role over to my wife Pat. Knowing Jeremy's enthusiasm for sailing she invited him to one of our events, and he was hooked! A farmer from Canewdon, Jeremy has sailed his sloop, April Rose, up the east coast to Scotland, through the Caledonian Canal, down the west coast, round Lands End and back to her home port of Burnham – quite a voyage! He is now a reserve skipper on Endeavour and has been on many European trips with her, including the recent voyage to Dunkirk and Ostend.

Mike King's Hypatia
John Milgate is a boat builder based at Peldon near Mersea Island. When my 1896 ketch, Hypatia (pictured), leaked so badly through the deck that you had to don waterproofs in the cabin, we knew something had to be done. I was recommended to John, and he did an amazing re-deck in 1987. When we purchased Endeavour it was hoped she could be restored in Leigh, but over a few months we realised that the major repair needed skills different to a new build, and asked John if he could recommend someone. He had been advising us of the practicalities of restoration from the day Endeavour returned to Leigh, so was well aware what had to be done. Unfortunately John's own health did not allow him to undertake the work, but he suggested Brian and Shaun, who have done wonders for us.

We would like to thank both of our Vice Presidents who have contributed much to our success, and we look forward to their continued support.

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