James Colin 'Peter' Snoad

We are extremely grateful to Glynis Moss for letting us use this photograph  which she found amongst some old family photos. Her  Dad, James Colin Snoad, known as Peter Snoad is standing on the left of the picture. Glynis doesn't know the gentleman on the right.

Peter, along with Norman Ewing, crewed for Fred Halls on the Endeavour when they crossed the channel to Dunkirk in 1940. Peter was due to go out on the Renown but when he arrived they had a full crew but was needed on the Endeavour.

He was a marine engineer, a reserved occupation, and worked for Johnson & Jago in Leigh for many years. As a young man he lived with his parents, brother and five sisters on a house boat in Leigh creek.

If you can help identify the person on the right or know when the photograph was taken we would love to hear from you.

: The gentleman has been identified as Ivan Emery.

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