Co-op Local Community Fund Total Announced

In our last newsletter, we reported that the Co-op's support of the Endeavour Trust as one of two local groups they were supporting via their Co‑op Local Community Fund had raised £1,939.91. Every time a Co-op member chose Co-op branded products and services and used their membership card, 1% of their spend went to their chosen cause. We asked everyone to spread the word to Co-op members and see if we could push it over the line to £2,000.

When the fundraising period finished on the 9th of April, just a little more than two weeks after the newsletter went out, we learned we hadn't just made the two grand we were hoping for, but an astonishing £4,072.48! This added bonus was due to the 1% spend of Co-op members who had not selected a cause being divided out between the two local groups.

This funding is very welcome and will be used to help keep Endeavour in the best of condition and support our Community and Education Programme. It will be a vital source of funding for the additional repair work, other than normal maintenance, which we anticipate will be required later this year, and into next.

The Endeavour Trust is one of more than 4,000 causes across the UK who have benefitted from the Local Community Fund and are making a difference in their communities. We would like to pass on our sincerest thanks to all the Co-op members that chose Endeavour and to the Co-op themselves for selecting us as one of their beneficiaries. #TheCoopWay

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