Thames Trips

Slightly less arduous are the now regular trips up the Thames for the Knights of Windsor picnic (see photo right, taken at last year's event) held in the Queen's backyard and the annual Veterans' Cruise to Thames Motor Yacht Club on Sept 14-15th.

The dates for the Windsor trip are yet to be confirmed but last year Endeavour's voyage was eventful in the searing heat. But, it is a real privilege to meet the knights and their families and the sight of a cockle boat that far upriver occasions ribald comments from walkers on shore.

Skipper Gilson sometimes likes to leave for this trip in the middle of the night in order to make Staines and our hotel! The return trip also involves lack of sleep but seeing London at dawn is an experience.

The voyage to Hampton Court is equally fun. On the 14th the little ships embark veterans of modern conflicts from Malaya to Cyprus, Korea, the Falklands and Northern Ireland. On the Sunday, surviving World War II servicemen and women come aboard.

Our treasurer, Chris Bailey is arranging for Bank of England Sailing Club members to take the boat under sail to Whitstable and back during the summer. These former colleagues of Chris are younger and fitter than Endeavour's crew and more used to handling sails. This trip will be on a Ray Day with the boat departing in the morning and returning in the evening.

There will be room for a few members to join them. If you would be interested in joining any of the cruises, be advised, we can only let two people sleep aboard. This means we either book into B 'n' Bs or hotels. Sometimes there is room on the posh boats to put up crew. This usually involves buying lots of wine, beer or dinner...

If you think you can stand it, call Membership Secretary Chris Burls on 01702 553274 or email him.

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