The Bravest Pier in the World

Endeavour does a drive-by at Southend Pier - Photo Rob Everitt

Endeavour participated in the HMS Leigh—The Bravest Pier in the World event on 25/26th September, taking trips out with members on the tide to the pier where she was warmly greeted by the people enjoying the event.

The event sought to give a taste of how the Pier was used during WWII when it was renamed HMS Leigh, and included actors, period songs and food and museum displays.

The Trust’s Rob Everitt was on the Pier and was able to hand out a small information leaflet to all those wanting to know where Endeavour fitted into the Pier’s story—of which there were a decent

Also on the Pier on Sunday to support the event was Sir David Amess, our President, who spotted Rob’s Endeavour t-shirt and took time to chat with him about the boat. He had his camera out and was snapping away.

After the event, he wrote to Rob to say how much he appreciated seeing Endeavour and reiterating that he was always available to assist the Trust if he could, a sign of how he always supported us.

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