Leigh Shanty Festival

was once again on parade for the Leigh Shanty Festival over the weekend 20th—21st May.

We had to attend, of course, because our faithful friends, the Leigh-on-Sea Lions Club with the Hoy At Anchor Folk Club, were running it to benefit both the RNLI and the Endeavour Trust!  

A glorious weekend saw shanty crews from as far away as Felixstowe, Kent, Stony Stratford and Milton Keynes as well as the local area join pirate bands (singing ditties about the golden age of piracy—who knew there even was such a thing?) and other local folk singers and dancers to entertain very decent and appreciative crowds.

We had Endeavour alongside Bell wharf from midday on the Saturday until 3:30 on the Sunday and, although the main musical events were centred on the Strand, we were privileged with visits from the Cockleshell Clog dancers and the Hoy Shanty Crew.

A fine event!   

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