A Recipe for Success

Back in early November, we were delighted to be able to meet famous chef Michel Roux Jr, who was filming a section for his show, Roux Down The River, for the Food Network channel.

The original plan involved Michel taking a trip out on Endeavour with a crew including Alan Barttram and Chris Burls and learning about the Leigh boats at Dunkirk.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a time that worked with Michel’s schedule and tides, so in the end, Michel came down to Leigh and was filmed at low tide by Endeavour  with Alan, who gave a good, if brief, account of the boat.  

Then he took Michel off to meet Endeavour’s good friends The Hoy Shanty Crew, and enjoyed a rousing version of the trad song Poor Old Horse and a tankard of ale in the Mayflower pub (below).

Roux Down The River
was broadcast during February 2024, and is available to watch online via catch up or online via a free account (sign up here).

Endeavour features in the fifth episode, ‘Southend-on-Sea’, which also features Osborne's cockle shed, Osborne Bros cafĂ© (with the Trust’s Peter Wexham occasionally lurking in shot, and which will once again host Endeavour’s Summer Reception; see here) and the Food restaurant in the Leigh Road.

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