Award for Peter Dolby

Peter receives his award from the Princess Royal

We are delighted to announce that Peter Dolby has been awarded through the National Historic Ships UK the 'Engaging with the Public Marsh Volunteer Award'.  It was presented at Trinity House London by HRH The Princess Royal. 

Peter’s numerous tasks were highlighted, including talks to the local community groups, promotion through the local press, the organising of the summer and winter receptions, financial reports, slide presentations, securing funding and grants, membership secretary and compiling, printing and delivering the newsletters. He delivers as many as possible by pushbike to save on postage costs, which both impressed and amused the audience prompting her Highness to remark on his fitness saying that ‘He looked good on it!’ as he collected his certificate. 

Peter was both surprised and honoured to receive the reward and was further commended and applauded at the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships annual laying up supper which was held a few days later at the Royal Air Force Club, London.

His organisational skills, dependability, attention to detail, generosity in his time and dedication to all aspects of the Trust, coupled with endless patience and a sense of humour ensure the smooth running and heightened profile of the Trust and hopefully ensures that a local historic boat of considerable significance will be around for future generations to enjoy, and to learn and to respect the sacrifice of their countrymen.

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