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Alfred Smith being interviewed for Countryfile

We are delighted that our ‘little ship’ continues to feature in our local newspapers and are particularly indebted to the continued support we receive from the Leigh Times

The film, Dunkirk, was reviewed in the October edition of Classic Boat and included photographs and descriptions of the little ships that took part. 

More recently Endeavour was filmed as part of the BBC Countryfile special Dunkirk and Remembrance Day programme (broadcast 12/11/17 - 19 minutes and 22 seconds in). 

The programme included an interview with Dunkirk veteran, Alfred Smith who had sailed on Endeavour last year. Also interviewed was Andrew Lawrence, skipper of the Osborne Bros cockle boat Mary Amelia. Andrew spoke proudly of his ancestors who lost their lives on Renown during the return from Dunkirk in 1940.

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