Winter Work

Right, any volunteers to get that lot off?
Well there she was in Leigh Marina ready to be brought ashore in the travel hoist when... the call came from the BBC. “Can we use Endeavour in a special Dunkirk and Remembrance Day programme of Countryfile?”

With smaller tides to follow this would mean waiting two weeks for the lift out and Leigh Marina had us scheduled now. Thank you Steve for rearranging your diary to accommodate a later lift out. Endeavour, as shown here, is now out and will be washed and covered for winter.

This is not a lecture about the need to lose weight, but were we a lot slimmer in the 1920s when Endeavour was launched? We think so because none of our existing crew can get down in the space between the bulkhead and the rear of our trusty engine for necessary maintenance.

So – is it a crash diet for the crew, or move the bulkhead to provide easy access? We decided on the latter, and our shipwright Brian Kennell will do the work when Endeavour is ashore this winter.

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