Endeavour on TV

Following on from the ‘stop press’ in the last newsletter, here is a little more information on the filming.

ITV are doing a series highlighting the roles of civilians during the war, and wanted to follow up the story of Leigh fishermen’s involvement in the Dunkirk evacuation. After talks with us, it was agreed that they would interview Trevor Osborne on Endeavour whilst she was under sail. Trevor had recently returned, having gone over to Dunkirk on the commemorative voyage and his family were much involved in the original evacuation.

On Thursday June 17th, Endeavour set sail from Leigh with Paul Heiney, the ITV presenter, a full camera crew, Trevor, and the producer with Brum and Steve Hall as crew; Paul Gilson was in charge of the support boat.

When will it be shown on TV? We still don’t know but the series is – we think – on Sunday evenings.

ADDENDUM: The programme was entitled Countrywise at War, and aired on Sunday 8th August 2010 on ITV1.

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