We have mixed news on our sponsors. We are delighted that Cory Environmental Trust have been able to contribute £5,000 to our maintenance projects this winter. Costs of much needed deck work, painting and digging out the creek mooring, which continues to silt up, have been excessive and this was a much needed contribution. Many thanks to Cory.

The Thames Group who have arranged and paid postage of our newsletters and other mailings have now decided to cease sponsorship. This is a great shame but we are extremely grateful for their help over the last few years. If you are aware of local organisation that might wish to consider sponsoring a small local charity in this way (cost in the region of £500 per annum) please let Mike King know.

To help to reduce costs we would like, as far as is possible, to move towards email circulation. If you are happy to, or would prefer to receive newsletters and other mailings electronically, please email your address to Peter Dolby.

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