92 Or 11 Years Old?

How old is Endeavour? She was first launched in 1924 the year that Imperial Airways was formed, Ramsay MacDonald was Prime Minister and Lenin died. Fully restored in 2005, re-launched and back to Dunkirk was the year YouTube was created and Tony Blair was re-elected Prime Minister.

Endeavour is re-launched in May 2005 just in time to participate
in the A.D.L.S. 65th commemorative cruise to Dunkirk
So we have a lovely vessel, a lot of which is only eleven years old, but which is exactly as she was built all those years before. As with any newly created units things do go wrong – how long is your new car’s full warranty?

Just prior to the latest trip to Dunkirk our gear box gave up completely, and we were very fortunate to find a replacement, off the shelf, in Brightlingsea and this was duly fitted – all at a cost!

Next winter we will need to replace some of the timber that is a bit tired – again at a cost.

This is why our membership subscriptions, donations and profits from events are so important to keep our boat in perfect condition, and keep our Treasurer from Carey Street!!

Today’s maintenance charges are so different from those of years gone by. So far this financial year we have paid out a total of £6,800 for labour and materials. Peter Wexham uncovered a bill for the maintenance works; see below, when he purchased Endeavour in 1971. Hull repairs, trawl winch and a new wheel house together with materials all for the princely sum, after a fishing grant, of £1,737 6s 7d – this included the Purchase Price of £1,000!!

Her estimated value then was only £2,500, whereas now it is £30,000 – how inflation works!

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