All Aboard The Pirate Ship

How many members remember the 60s and the start of the Pirate Radio Stations anchored off the coast of Essex and playing live Pop Music?

We are arranging a trip for our members to visit possibly the most famous and last remaining stations, Radio Caroline . It will be a short sail from Bradwell Marina on the calm waters of the River Blackwater and then boarding of the pirate ship and a conducted tour of the Radio’s Studios, Record Library and bridge.

The ship is called the MV Ross Revenge home to Radio Caroline since 1983 and still broadcasting on special occasions. This is the station’s third ship, following the original MV Caroline in 1964 and MV Mi Amigo in 1966.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Act of Parliament that forced the closure of the pirate radio stations such as Caroline.

Tony Blackburn broadcasting for Radio Caroline aboard MV Mi Amigo in 1965
We anticipate the round trip will last approximately 4 hours which allows for tea and biscuits in the Mess Room. There are toilet facilities on board Ross Revenge.

The trip is planned for early June, and we would ask for you to indicate now your interest and availability. Please contact Andrew Wood on 01702 557156.

We will try to allocate vehicles in an attempt to reduce the number needed for the journey to Bradwell and back to Leigh.

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