Art Tribute to 'The Miracle of Dunkirk' in Southend

Prominent local artist John Bulley, in a project with Shoeburyness High School, is to paint an 8 foot x 32 foot mural in the Victoria Plaza, Southend depicting the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk. Alongside the mural he aims to add a painting of Dunkirk veteran Alfred Smith, also from Shoebury, who we featured in our August newsletter. 

John has worked on film sets and his murals and urban art includes pieces on building sites, pubs and even a few churches. Recent examples of his work can be seen on the 300 foot Street Art on Sea site on Eastern Esplanade and the Art Doesn’t Discriminate hoarding, with Project 49, on the London Road in Westclff.

John contacted us with a view to include the Endeavour in the mural and we are arranging for him, possibly with the school, to visit Endeavour to make some sketches/drawings. John has allowed us to show this example of one of his working drawings to give us more of an idea of the project.

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