Artful Surprise

The Endeavour section of John Bulley's Dunkirk mural in Victoria Plaza, Southend
Members of the Trust Committee frequently get asked about the Dunkirk mural in Victoria Plaza. The large artwork by John Bulley has been in place for some time now. His work has appeared on various sites around the town over the years as John follows Banksy by placing pictures on run down sites. A founder of the alternative Estuary Arts Festival John has worked on film sets from Harry Potter to Memphis Belle.

His most famous work is the railway bridge at Camden Lock as well as at London Zoo. The Dunkirk mural was done with help from Shoebury High School, South Essex Homes and Victoria Plaza.

We didn't have room for this in the newsletter, but due to the cramped space where the mural appears, it's difficult to get a decent photograph of the whole piece, however, John Bulley kindly send us three photographs of his draft sketch which we've crudely superimposed upon each other to give an impression of how the full piece looks:

A photograph of the left hand side of the mural with some of the artists from Shoeburyness High School can be found here.

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