We're Back in the Water!

Endeavour is finally back in the water after a long winter where bad weather slowed work down or delayed repairs. Shipwright, Brian Kennell has fixed the rot in the hold while marine engineer Neil Rawlston of Tenenden Marine Engineers from Maidstone has fixed the rudder.

Andy Wood has spent cold hours in Leigh Marina organising repairs and new member Alan Bartram ante-fouled the hull. Neil Goldie from Ipswich donated 90 feet of mooring chain which we shall use to improve the mooring.

New chairman, David Norman was in the chair for his first committee meeting in April and commented: "We are so lucky to have volunteers and trades to help us keep the boat operational. Our committee is so grateful for their help and skills."

One innovation this year will be improved seating for occasions when we have passengers aboard. Until now they have had to sit on the hatches without any support. Temporary seat-backs have been made up which we can install when old soldiers are aboard enabling us to keep them much safer and comfortable.

Our new radio equipment has also arrived and will be installed in time for the Ostend trip.

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