Regatta Time!

Endeavour will be on show at Leigh Regatta on Sunday, September 15 and members of the crew will be manning our stall on Bell Wharf as usual. This event, which was once organised by local scout groups is being sponsored by Leigh Lions Club.

The Regatta is one of the most popular events in the Old Town raising money for local charities and scout groups. Musically there will be performances by the Hoy Shantymen at Bell Wharf on board the boat as well as giving members the chance to look the boat over before she goes off to Maldon for repairs in October.

Claire Rye, and her daughter at the 2019 Regatta.

Claire helped on the stall, and Leon on the boat.
As usual Endeavour merchandise will be on sale including greetings cards, pictures and other memorabilia. The event begins at 11am until 5pm. This winter's repairs will be expensive as work urgently needs to be done on the deck which will involve raking out loose pitch and re-caulking. Repainting will be done back in Leigh.

At 93 years young Endeavour fares well but constant work is needed to keep her trim. Without your support she would soon deteriorate and an important part of Leigh's history would be gone forever.

Post Event Edit: Rob Everitt has posted a video of Endeavour at the Regatta on our Facebook page, which can be accessed here.

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