Hollywood Star Falls On Hard Times

Above is a photograph of the Revlis, whom you might recognise as Moonstone, the boat Mark Rylance’s character takes across the Channel in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 film Dunkirk, in which Endeavour also had a role.

Revlis is currently in Dauntless Yard in Benfleet, having fallen on hard times after her movie career.

Revlis was built on the Clyde in 1939 by shipbuilders Silver (which is her name backwards). She was used during WWII by the Royal Navy to degauss the hulls of ships to try to prevent magnetic mines from attaching to them.

Revlis was bought by Glasgow man Charles Chapman in the late 1950s and was used as a motor cruiser for his family until a year before Mr Chapman’s death in 1987.

She was discovered by Christopher Nolan’s team in Inverness some years later and was ideal for their needs because her rear deck and wheelhouse could accommodate both the film crew and actors while filming at sea.

After Dunkirk’s release, Revlis toured the globe as part of the promotion for the film, even returning to the Clyde.

It’s not known how she came to be in Benfleet, but it is hoped she’ll be restored to her former glory in due course.


  1. I tried to contact the Dauntless Yard in Benfleet because I make a (Dutch) podcast about movies and their movie locations ( Fantastische Filmlocaties). I was hoping to hear something. Unfortunately... You do not happen to know anything more than what you wrote about the current status of the Revlis? Greatings Jeroen Huijsdens

  2. I thought you might be interested to know that my partner used to be the owner of Revlis some time ago.. Her name is Anna-Marie Eardley and she didn’t know that the boat was involved in the film until she watched it and recognised her… Would love to come and see her again sometime… ⚓️


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