The Boat has Rot!

Endeavour will not be on view in Leigh for three months while she undergoes repairs to her decks and hull in St Osyth.

Rot was discovered during an inspection by shipwright, Brian Kennell, the man who rebuilt her in 2004. We had already decided to work on the deck to trace leaks. An initial view was that the caulking on the seams needed replacing, a job which would take time and labour.

As Brian works out of Maldon, it was decided Endeavour should be taken up the coast to save travel expenses. Once there rot was found behind the locker in the cabin and on the top of the stern post and the timber nearby was soaking wet and had wet and dry rot. Brian's view is that one cause was wood was unseasoned when she was built.

The cure is to remove deck paint and scrape out the caulking. The tarred joints will be burned out and the boat then has to dry out fully in a shed. Once that is done re-caulking and tarring will be done. The deck seams will be flush to help water run off in future. When this work is done the deck will be primed ready for painting.

The plan is to have everything repainted before the boat comes home early next year. We will try epoxy-based paint on the hull which could cut down future bills. We are also considering new hold covers which should allow water to run off better and keep the hold dry too. The current boards let water in in heavy weather or just rain and the canvas cover no longer does its job.

However, we are aware such alterations will cost so we await estimates.

Brian has recommended getting a working party together to scrape Endeavour's underneath and apply primer, so our quest is to get some interested members together to travel up to St Osyth, preferably during November/December before it gets too bitter outside, and give her a good scrape. If you are in a position to volunteer your time and muscles, please let Rob know ASAP.

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