Facebook Quiz Alleviates Lockdown Blues

In the evening of Tuesday May 12th, followers of the Endeavour Trust Facebook page were able to take part in a Lockdown Quiz. 28 teams (mostly solo or duos due to lockdown rules) took part in the event which was delivered via Facebook Live.
5 rounds of ten questions were presented on slides and narrated by our newsletter layout and website chap, Fraser Marshall.

Rounds covered a variety of subjects from popular culture to sport and leisure to science and nature and general knowledge, but it was the first round that was the closest to home, being titled ‘Endeavour’; not all of the questions were about our Endeavour, we took in everything from Star Trek to space shuttles to Captain Cook and Oxford-based detectives along the way.

Here’s a few of the questions that are about our Endeavour to test yourself on if you didn’t take part:

1) Who directed the 2016 film Dunkirk in which Endeavour appears?
2) Endeavour’s registration number is ‘LO 41’. What does ‘LO’ designate?
3) In which year was Endeavour built?
4) The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships preserves the memory of the civilian boats that rescued the British Expeditionary Force in Operation Dynamo and two other operations. Name either.
5) In which year was Endeavour relaunched following completion of her restoration? Answers are at the bottom of the page.

The quiz was just for fun as there was no way to prevent any ne'er-do-wells from using the Internet (not that our members would even consider doing such a thing!) and the highest score was 37, which was claimed by two teams.

Do keep an eye on our Facebook page as we may do another in future. If you fancy seeing this one, it is still available in full here.

1) Christopher Nolan
2) That she was registered in London
3) 1926
4) Cycle or Aerial
5) 2005

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