Home at Last!

Endeavour on Leigh Beach
Endeavour arrived back in Leigh in the early hours of June 9th having been sailed from St Osyth. Tide times meant skipper Paul Gilson and Alan Barrtram, his crew, had extra hours at sea waiting for Leigh Creek to become navigable. They were finally able to tie up at Bell Wharf at around 2am.

After a few hours’ sleep they returned in the afternoon to move the boat to her mooring off the Peter Boat but not without a short trip with crew member Leon Tye and family aboard. The family had been under complete lock-down since March and this was the first time they had been out since. Leon said: “It was great to be aboard even for a little while after being stuck at home for weeks.”

The boat is afloat and re-painted and anti fouled. The work was carried out by various members once we could get on with the work. Our treasurer, Rob Everitt has spent many hours plying a broad brush, helped from time to time by Chris Burls, Paul and Heather Gilson, Cameron McGregor, Andy Leonard, Paul Burden and Alan Barrtram and Finlay Marshall.

There is still a great deal to do including new cupboards to hold ship’s papers, charts, binoculars and compass. Below decks there is a great deal of mess from the work done at St Osyth.

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