New Information Board in Old Leigh

Our information board near the Peter Boat has been in place since 2010. Treasurer Rob Everitt noticed that while the frame was still solid, it was getting more than a little rusty and the Perspex panel had dulled with age, making it a little difficult to read. Armed with a can of WD40 and a set of Allen keys and employing no little brute force, Rob was able to remove the board and take it home to begin the process of rubbing it down and de-rusting. Many years of dogs using the board as a convenient place to make a 'brief stop' had also caused issues with the legs, which would require additional attention. Rain and sea breeze had also affected the back of the sign.

Rob explains, "The backing wooden board had rotted away, and has gaping holes. There's rusted screws, and the metal frame needs urgent attention as well, but I thought it was saveable. It wasn't until I started that I realised just how bad it was!" It took a lot of effort, but Rob managed to make the board look brand new, and used a green paint more in keeping with Endeavour's livery. 

Fraser Marshall took the opportunity to refresh the content, using some more recent photographs, and updated the text about the Leigh cockle industry, the Dunkirk evacuation, her starring role in Christopher Nolan's film and a bit about the Trust and how people can donate or join. We even added a QR code to enable smart phone users to go straight to this website. The board was reinstated in early May and we hope will inform many more people about our wonderful boat.

Now, if only we could keep the blummin' dogs away from the legs...

Click the image below to view a full size version of the info!

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