Paul Gilson Steps Down

After many years as a Vice-Chairman and skipper of Endeavour, Paul Gilson is retiring from the Trust.

Paul's hard work and dedication has been instrumental in ensuring Endeavour has been a much appreciated presence at trips such as the Dunkirk memorials, Ostende at Anchor and the annual Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Veterans' Cruises, amongst many other highlights. A local fisherman for over 40 years, Paul is also a political adviser, environmentalist, public speaker and a lifeboat man. He's a published author and regularly wrote engaging and informative tales of Endeavour's trips for the newsletter.

Trustee Mike King said; "From the early days of having the boat back in the water, Paul had been invaluable. The number of times he has got very cold and very wet has been noteworthy. So thank you Paul, and good luck in the future."

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