An MP, Mayor & Macebearer Go Motoring

As part of the Trust’s commitment to giving Endeavour a more prominent profile in the local area, we were delighted to take out some distinguished guests for a return trip to the pier on Friday 27 August. We were very lucky to have ideal conditions.
The Mayor of Southend, Kevin Robinson, Member of Parliament for Southend West, Anna Firth and Southend’s deputy macebearer, Tanya Hill met Rob Everitt on Bell Wharf, where they joined crew Alan Bartram and Chris Burls for a jaunt along the foreshore. Also on board were the Trust’s Linda Marshall and Anna Firth’s caseworker Charles Hall.

”I cannot begin to tell you what a delight it was to go out sailing with you on the Endeavour on Friday,” Anna later wrote. “The weather and the sea conditions were perfect and I got a different view of the constituency from the water, which was extremely interesting for me.

(L-R) Macebearer Tanya Hill, Mayor of Southend Kevin Robinson, MP for Southend West Anna Firth, Caseworker Charles Hall

“It was such an honour to sail in the Endeavour, the Trust has done a fantastic job of restoring and conserving this lovely and historic vessel. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help the Trust and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.”

In an interview with the Leigh Times about her trip, Anna stated, “This boat is an instrumental part of Southend’s, and the nation’s history, playing such a significant role in the return of hundreds of thousands of troops from Dunkirk.

“This boat is such a huge part of our vast culture in Southend, and will play a forefront role in our bid for UK’s City of Culture for 2029.”  

Cameron McGregor was on hand to film the boat from the pier and with photos taken by Chris and Rob Everitt, a short film of the trip was compiled and which can be found below:

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