Tragedy Strikes as Endeavour's Mast Breaks!

Don't panic! It's not quite as it seems!!

Members may recall that last October we carried a piece about the lovely radio-controlled model of Endeavour that had been put together by Jimmy and Barbara Waters. Jimmy just sent us an update about an incident that occurred recently. Over to Jimmy:

"We took our boats to Maldon for a sail this week. Poor Endeavour had a rough time though. Her rigging got into a bit of a twist in the wind, and the radio intermittently packed up, which sent her adrift and because of that she floated into the hands of some unaccompanied children who thought they'd help and push her back away from the edge by her mast!

"By the time Barbara had got to her, the mast was broken at the deck supports and the pulley for the boom had come apart!

"Back home we managed to repair the supports and get the mast back up. The pulley block was more of a problem as the hook had broken in half. I fixed it with a wire nail in the end. It looks OK, it's just not brass.

"I've done some work on the radio and tested it for 20 minutes. It seems alright, but we need to get back on the water to confirm."

I'm sure we all have our fingers crossed for the Waters and their beautiful model. And at least giant hands grabbing the rigging isn't something we at the Trust have to worry about!

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